Do I require a license to ride an electric bike?

No, not at all, you should treat the ebike the same as a regular bike. There is a minimum age restriction of 14 years old to ride an electric bike on the road. You will only ever require a license if you exceed the EU specific specification by modifying the bike above these regulations. Our bikes are CE EN15194 / EN14764 compliant and TÜV SÜD Certified. Click here for further Department of Transport Information.

How long does it take to recharge the battery?

We only use Lithium Ion battery packs, which charge quite quickly. Generally speaking a full charge is around 3 hours, but top ups can be a lot shorter. We find that you can achieve around 80% charge in around 1.5 hours, then the remaining 20% is trickled at a slower rate. All charging is controlled by the integral Battery Management System within the battery pack to mange this correctly for optimum service life.

How do I care for my battery?

Ideally if you need to store your bike for an extended period, you should leave the battery charged and subsequently recharge it every month. We recommend you keep the battery charged after each use so you are always ready for your next journey.

Is the bike waterproof?

Waterproof No, water resistant Definitely! These bikes and their electronics are designed for day to day use in all weathers, however you must never totally submerge the bike in water.

How do I clean my bike?

You can clean your electric bike in the same way you would an ordinary bike, but we do not recommend the use of high pressure washers and for good practice, always remove the battery pack before cleaning. Everything else is designed to get wet. 

Will the bike arrive assembled?

We carry out all final assembly and testing before we send your bike to be delivered. Simply unfold the bike, fit the mud guards and away you go! 

How do I get my VELOVOLT E-Bike serviced?

The electronics do not need any maintenance as they are all sealed units, so you can get the rest of the bike serviced in the same way you would any other bike, and have this done at any good reliable local independent bike shop. We have a wide variety of spare parts in stock to support you and them should you require anything bespoke to the bike. Generally most of the mechanical components fitted to our bikes are standard branded components for this very reason. Should you have any technical queries please get in touch.

What is the Lithium-Ion Battery Warranty?

We give a 12 month warranty on all new bike batteries. Usually our lithium Ion battery packs can with stand 500 full charge cycles and usually more during its life cycle. If your battery pack service level drops below 70% during the warranty period we will replace it. We use the latest BatteryTester analysing equipment and software from the Netherlands to ensure your battery is the best it can be before you get it, and to test it in the unlikely event of a problem.

What is BMS?

BMS is the Battery Management System integrated into our battery packs. This helps to monitor regulate charge current limits, discharge current limits and battery cell load balancing to further prolong the life of the battery pack. The BMS also stores information regarding charging data, and usage cycles.

How far can I travel on a fully charged VELOVOLT Ebike?

Our E-bikes have a range of around 20 miles, but this can vary depending on contributing factors such as:

  • Tyre Pressure - Too low will reduce overall range.
  • Ambient Temperature - Low temperatures can reduce battery range temporarily
  • Terrain - smooth surfaces provide least resistance, but hills consumes more energy 
  • Weight - More weight requires more energy
  • Your effort - The more you pedal the less energy is required and therefore extends the overall range
  • Level Assistance - The higher the electric assistance level the more energy is consumed.


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